Rising stars

Workging With Talents

Our screening and growth process

Core Studio takes a community-centric strategy to discover and oversee exceptional talents, continuously investing in their skill enhancement to support their career advancement while collaborating with forward-thinking brands.

The best practices

Our streamline processes

Skills Review.1 step

Each candidate fills out a survey, evaluates their proficiency in different design or coding fields, and submits links to past projects, which our team reviews before proceeding.

Intro call.2 step

Our recruitment manager arranges an initial introductory conversation to become acquainted with the candidate, delve further into their technical expertise, and assess their communication abilities and compatibility with our culture.

Trial project.3 step

We provide the candidate with an initial test project to be completed under time constraints, mimicking the format they would encounter while collaborating with Core Studio clients. This is where we assess their real skill level.

Review.4 step

Collaboration holds significant importance within our talent community at Core Studio. Consequently, we also hold the belief that other key team members should be involved in the hiring process and have a voice in it.

Acceleration.5 step

Prior to assigning a talent to customer projects, newly hired individuals undergo a dynamic onboarding training process, which includes the completion of online courses and one-on-one coaching sessions with our quality manager.

Ongoing code reviews and 1-on-1.6 step

An essential element of our success lies in our pursuit not only of the finest designers and developers but also in identifying hidden talents and helping them shine brightly. P.S.: Isn't everyone a potential gem waiting to sparkle?