Screening & Growth Development Process

Our Team

Skill review

Each candidate is required to fill out a questionnaire, assess their proficiencies across different design or coding domains, and share links to their previous projects, which our team reviews before proceeding further in the selection proces.

Trial projects

We provide the candidate with an initial test project, simulating real working conditions with customers, and expect them to complete it under time constraints. This is the stage where we evaluate their practical skill leve.

5-day Bootcamp

Prior to assigning a new team member to customer projects, we ensure they undergo engaging onboarding training. This includes the completion of online courses and one-on-one coaching sessions with our quality manager.

Ongoing peer review

Then we conduct meetings on ongoing peer review. Ongoing peer review involves colleagues consistently assessing each other's work. Team members provide constructive feedback, share insights, and identify areas for improvement. This collaborative process promotes accountability, fosters skill development, and enhances overall project quality, contributing to ongoing professional growth and project excellence.